2022 2nd International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Internet (SGEI 2022)

Call For Paper

SGEI 2022 accepts original and unpublished papers. All papers, both invited and contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers of SGEI 2022 will be published by Conference Proceedings, and submitted to EI and Scopus for indexing.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

ⅰSmart Grid

Distributed Energy Resources: Renewable Generation, Electric Vehicles and Storage   /   分布式能源:可再生能源,电动汽车和存储

Microgrids and Virtual Power Plant   /   微电网和虚拟电厂

Power Electronics and Grid Interface   /   电力电子和电网接口

Energy and Distribution Management Systems   /   能源和配送管理系统

Monitoring, Protection and Control in Energy Systems   /   能源系统的监测,保护和控制

Smart Grid Technologies for power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion and storage   /   智能电网技术,用于发电,输电,配电,能源转换和存储  

Transmission System Technologies, HVDC and FACTS   /   传输系统技术,HVDC和FACTS

Distribution System and Substation Automation   /   配电系统和变电站自动化

Information and Communication Technologies for smart grids, interoperability and cyber-security   /   智能电网的信息和通信技术,互操作性和网络安全

System Integration of distributed energy resources, islanding and microgrids, hosting capacity   /   系统集成分布式能源,孤岛和微电网,托管能力

Electric Vehicle Technologies and Interactions with the Grid   /   电动汽车技术和与电网的互动

Power Electronics, Control and Protection Systems for Smart Grid Applications   /   用于智能电网应用的电力电子,控制和保护系统

Monitoring and Control of Power Quality in Smart Grids   /   监测和控制智能电网的电能质量

Smart Grid for multi-domain applications   /   多领域应用的智能电网

Power Quality, Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility   /   电源质量、保护和电磁兼容性

Power Engineering Power Generation Technology   /   电力工程发电技术

Electric Drive and its Application   /   电动驱动器及其应用

Large Power Grid Stability Control   /   大电网稳定控制

Power System Communication and Control   /   电力系统通信与控制

Grid Smart Dispatch   /   电网智能调度

ⅱ Energy Internet

Modeling, Simulation and Design of Energy Internet   /   能源互联网的建模、仿真与设计

Application of artificial intelligence technology in energy system   /   人工智能技术在能源系统中的应用

Energy Storage   /   储能

Smart Power Distribution and Microgrid   /   智能配用电与微电网

Equipment Core Technology of Energy Internet   /   能源互联网的装备核心技术

DC Grid   /   直流电网

Internet of Things   /   物联网

Cyber-physical System and Information Security for Energy Internet   /   支撑能源互联网的信息物理系统及信息安全

Global Energy Internet   /   全球能源互联网

Energy Efficiency   /   能源效率

Energy Strategy and Energy Internet   /   能源战略与能源互联网

New Energy System and Control    /   新能源系统及控制

ⅲOther related topics