2021 International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Internet (SGEI 2021)
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SGEI 2021 accepts original and unpublished papers. All papers, both invited and contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers of SGEI 2021 will be published by Conference Proceedings, and submitted to EI and Scopus for indexing.

▶ Topics

ⅰSmart Grid

Distributed Energy Resources: Renewable Generation, Electric Vehicles and Storage   /   分布式能源:可再生能源,电动汽车和存储

Microgrids and Virtual Power Plant   /   微电网和虚拟电厂

Power Electronics and Grid Interface   /   电力电子和电网接口

Energy and Distribution Management Systems   /   能源和配送管理系统

Monitoring, Protection and Control in Energy Systems   /   能源系统的监测,保护和控制

Smart Grid Technologies for power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion and storage   /   智能电网技术,用于发电,输电,配电,能源转换和存储  

Transmission System Technologies, HVDC and FACTS   /   传输系统技术,HVDC和FACTS

Distribution System and Substation Automation   /   配电系统和变电站自动化

Information and Communication Technologies for smart grids, interoperability and cyber-security   /   智能电网的信息和通信技术,互操作性和网络安全

System Integration of distributed energy resources, islanding and microgrids, hosting capacity   /   系统集成分布式能源,孤岛和微电网,托管能力

Planning and Management of Smart Grid Assets   /   智能电网资产的规划和管理

Electric Vehicle Technologies and Interactions with the Grid   /   电动汽车技术和与电网的互动

Power Electronics, Control and Protection Systems for Smart Grid Applications   /   用于智能电网应用的电力电子,控制和保护系统

Uncertainty Management in smart grid planning, forecasting and operation   /   智能电网规划,预测和运营中的不确定性管理

Smart Grid Impacts on electricity markets, pricing and incentive/penalty schemes   /   智能电网对电力市场,定价和激励/惩罚计划产生影响

Smart Multi-Energy Infrastructures and the Environment   /   智能多能源基础设施和环境

Monitoring and Control of Power Quality in Smart Grids   /   监测和控制智能电网的电能质量

Telematics   /   远程信息处理

Smart Grid for multi-domain applications   /   多领域应用的智能电网

Power Quality, Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility   /   电源质量、保护和电磁兼容性

Power Engineering Power Generation Technology   /   电力工程发电技术

Electric Drive and its Application   /   电动驱动器及其应用

Large Power Grid Stability Control   /   大电网稳定控制

Power System Communication and Control   /   电力系统通信与控制

Grid Smart Dispatch   /   电网智能调度

ⅱEnergy Internet

Modeling, Simulation and Design of Energy Internet   /   能源互联网的建模、仿真与设计

Planning, Operation and Controlof Energy Internet   /   能源互联网的规划、运行与控制

Energy Management   /   能源管理

Application of artificial intelligence technology in energy system   /   人工智能技术在能源系统中的应用

Electrification of Transportation   /   交通电气化

Energy Storage   /   储能

Smart Power Distribution and Microgrid   /   智能配用电与微电网

Equipment Core Technology of Energy Internet   /   能源互联网的装备核心技术

DC Grid   /   直流电网

Internet of Things   /   物联网

Cyber-physical System and Information Security for Energy Internet   /   支撑能源互联网的信息物理系统及信息安全

Global Energy Internet   /   全球能源互联网

Application of Energy Internet   /    能源互联网的的应用

Energy Policy and Economics   /   能源政策及经济性

Energy Planning   /   能源规划

Energy Efficiency   /   能源效率

Energy Strategy and Energy Internet   /   能源战略与能源互联网

New Energy System and Control    /   新能源系统及控制

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